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Building Permit Fee Estimates

As a service to its customers, the city will provide an estimate of the potential building permit fees required for a proposed building project. The project proponent must fill out a fee estimate request form and submit the completed request form to the building department. The building department together with other applicable departments will prepare the estimated fee for the project as described by the project proponent. The completed fee estimate will then be provided to the project proponent.


Cautionary Note:

The fees provided to the project proponent are only an estimate. Actual fees will be determined at time of building permit application and may vary from the estimate. Fee schedules are subject to change without prior notice to the project proponent. Complete plans are required to determine accurate fees at time of building permit submittal. Tenant improvements require square footage for each use, both existing and proposed. If there is a change in use, it is possible that additional sewer, water, traffic and bridge and thoroughfare impact fees may be required.