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Construction Inspection

All work performed under a permit issued by the city is subject to inspection by city staff. City inspections are performed to ensure compliance with applicable government codes and standards and any project conditions of approval.

Inspections are carried out by staff from the department responsible for issuing the respective construction permit as follows:

 Building Department 
  • Building permit
  • Demolition permit
  • Electrical permit
  • Plumbing permit
  • Pool and spa permit
  • Patio cover permit 
Fire prevention 
  • Sprinkler permit
  • Fire additional permit
  • Fire alarm permit
  • Fixed systems permit
  • Fire maintenance inspection
Engineering Department 
  • Grading permit
  • Right-of-way permit
  • Encroachment permit
  • Haul Route permit
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan permit
  • Storm Water Management Plan permit
  • Blasting permit
  • Oversize Load permit
  • Waste water discharge permit
Planning Department
  • Landscape plan

The Building Department performs field inspections in order to ensure that the work under an issued building permit is being done according to the approved plans. For additional information regarding building inspections visit the building permits inspection site.

To schedule an engineering inspection:

  • Fax a completed Engineering Inspection Request Form to 760-438-4178 by 2 p.m. the business day prior to the requested inspection; or,
  • Call Engineering Inspection Request Line at 760-438-3891 by 2 p.m. the business day prior to the requested inspection.

Construction applications, forms and requests

Construction reference materials

Additional information

City landscape construction inspection consists of one inspection at project completion to confirm landscape and irrigation  installation. The property owner’s landscape architect is required to monitor landscape and irrigation installation and when completed provide a certification letter to the planning department stating that landscape and irrigation has been installed per city approved plans and specifications. After receipt of the letter, city staff or consultant landscape inspector will review the landscape and irrigation installation to confirm completion in compliance with city requirements.

Carlsbad Municipal Water District

Reclaimed water inspection

Landscape projects utilizing reclaimed water are additionally inspected by Carlsbad Municipal Water District staff as follows...


Construction inspection

    • Required separation between potable and recycled water line (horizontally and vertically).
    • Pipe identification.
    • Sleeving at crossings.
    • Appropriate materials and markings, including proper quick couplers.

Final inspection

    • Signage installed per plan.
    • Controller stickers.
    • Tagging of valves.
    • Coverage test after completion of the sprinkler system to ensure protection of area not approved for recycled water use.
    • All aspects of the irrigation conditions including windblown spray, runoff and ponding.
    • Required protection of all residential areas.
    • Required protection of wells, streams, reservoirs, etc.
    • Cross-connection test if required.
    • Color coded, laminated charts inside each controller.

Post-construction annual inspections

    • Same as final inspection requirements. 
Fire prevention staff inspect building construction to ensure compliance with all applicable fire safety codes. For additional information regarding fire prevention inspections call 760-602-4665.