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An Introduction to CityStuff

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The City of Carlsbad CityStuff elementary school program is a Helen Putnam Award-winning curriculum. In this groundbreaking partnership, the City of Carlsbad, Junior Achievement and elementary schools have joined together to introduce local government to third-grade students.  

The program uses engaging, hands-on activities to show how local government functions and demonstrate how students and their families can participate in their community.

Volunteers make the program possible and come away certain that they received more than they gave. 

Equipped with age-appropriate lessons, two books (Fast Facts 101 and Carlsbad Becomes a City) and bolstered by training in classroom management, each volunteer visits a specific third-grade classroom one hour a week for six weeks.

Volunteers represent one part of the reason that Carlsbad is such a wonderful place to live. Each year CityStuff volunteers are a varied and dynamic mix of new and seasoned volunteers.

Teachers know that teaching students democracy in an interactive arena is one of the most important lessons they can offer. 

Sponsors  are eager to be a part of this community building program. 

CityStuff is made possible thanks to the generous support of area businesses and organizations. Monetary and in-kind donations support the production of materials and other facets of the curriculum. Current sponsors include Poseidon Resources Corporation, Toyota Carlsbad, Gemological Institute of America, California Bank &Trust, McMillan Companies and Shea Homes.

Students love learning from about their own city and have the opportunity to run a city council meeting in the actual council chambers.

The first four lessons show what it takes to build and maintain a city.  Volunteers present the Carlsbad books and share their experiences while discussing restaurants, newspapers, banking and zoning. 

The fifth and sixth Carlsbad lessons focus on democracy in action.  Students learn how every vote counts -- only one vote set the framework for Carlsbad to become a city. The sixth session is a scripted mock council meeting held in the Council chambers. 

Contact Information

Volunteer Resources
Kathy Siemion

1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008