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Teen programs are dedicated to providing teens with fun, creative and healthy activities in a safe, supervised environment. By offering opportunities to meet and socialize, teens create friendships that last a lifetime. Involving teens in the community through programs and events is a main component of these programs.

Teens In Action brings staff to local middle schools on pre-selected days to interact with teens and provide them with fun and exciting activities during lunch. One of the goals for this program is to create opportunity for increasing awareness and adoption of healthy behaviors and fitness. Another goal is to reach out to teens to get feedback on activities they would like to see in the following year. Each school will be visited twice a month. Check with schools for dates and times.

Sample activities:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Capture the flag
  • Relay races
  • Dodge ball
  • Team builders
  • Flag football
  • Kickball

L.I.T.E. (Leadership in Training & Education) is an after school program for middle school and high school youth who wish to develop skills in leadership, communication and volunteerism. The program requires a commitment from participants to attend the program at least three days a week and 12 days a calendar month, take part in two community service projects a month and maintain good standing in school. L.I.T.E. participants will also have the opportunity to attend enrichment classes, field trips and other service learning opportunities. Each month will focus on a different theme like history, health and fitness, and school goals.  This program runs M-F from 2:30-5:30 at Pine Park and Holiday Park in the L.I.T.E. trailers.  To register, just register online. The program only costs $25 per school semester. We have staff walk kids from Valley Middle School to Pine Park every day, excluding the first day of school. This is great experience for college applications and job resumes. The program is closed during school holidays.


L.I.T.E. starts August 28, 2013 

To Register or for more information call 760-602-7527 or 760-602-7510.


Forms & Calendars:

Month/Calendar  Theme Trips Special Events
August New School Year None None
September Leadership 101 Padres Game Family Movie Night
October Teamwork Sleepover None
November Personal Growth None None
December Community Involvement Ice Skating Holiday at Ranch
January Looking Towards the Future San Diego None
February Teen Issues Part #1 None Battle of Bands
March Teen Issues Part #2 L.I.T.E. Choice None
April Parks & Recreation None EGGstravaganza
May Health & Fitness Big End of Year Trip Wild West Fest
June L.I.T.E.'s Choice Small Trip Every Day None

 Pop-up calendars will be attached to each month starting early Auguest.

L.I.T.E. Brochure


The annual Teen Scene event is a place for teens to express themselves creatively through art, music and video.  Entries are accepted for the annual "Battle of the Bands," film festival and art cafe.  The event takes place in January.


The program staff is a dynamic team of people who range in age, experience, and level of education. All staff members have been through an intense interview process, criminal records check, personal reference check, and have been hand-picked by the recreation supervisor. They must be responsible, enthusiastic, fun, energetic, patient, caring and of course, love working with young people. The staff has a devotion to the development of youth and most have a background in child care. First aid and CPR certification is a requirement for all staff in addition to 16 hours of training provided by the City of Carlsbad. During this training they focus on the areas of teamwork, supervisory skills, emergency procedures, child involvement and leadership skills.

Contact Information

Parks & Recreation
Teens Division
Michael Bodman, recreation supervisor

L.I.T.E. Program
Pine Avenue Park Modular
Ricky Adams

Mailing address
3096 Harding St.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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