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Carlsbad Coastal Corridor

Imagine Carlsbad Boulevard not as it exists today, but how it could be:

  • Scenic and inviting paths for walking, jogging and biking from one end of Carlsbad to the other
  • A linear park with places to play, gather and relax along the beach
  • New scenic vistas of the ocean and lagoon
  • More beach access and parking
  • A safer, steady, easy moving flow of traffic
  • Convenient, beach-friendly shops, services and other amenities for beach goers

The City of Carlsbad is working to "reimagine" Carlsbad Boulevard as a scenic coastal corridor that invites people to enjoy the natural beauty of our coastline, whether on foot, by bike or in a car:

  • The city recently installed improved bike lanes and new, more pedestrian friendly crossings along Carlsbad Boulevard, north of Tamarack.
  • The city has created "pedestrian scrambles" at Carlsbad Village Drive and at Grand Avenue, making it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to gain access to the coast from the Village.
  • A project is currently underway to transform the northern gateway to Carlsbad at Carlsbad Boulevard and State Street. By creating a roundabout, this intersection will become safer and more pedestrian and bike friendly while creating an entry statement to our city.
  • The city is exploring the feasibility of projects that would reconfigure Carlsbad Boulevard along its entire length through the city, which could free up more coastal land for expanded biking and walking paths, a linear park and other coastal improvements, while creating a safer, quieter vehicle roadway.

These projects demonstrate the city's commitment to "livable streets", the concept that streets should be safely designed for all the ways people want to use them, not just for cars. Check back for updates on other projects along Carlsbad Boulevard that will help transform this corridor into a world class coastal experience!

Contact Information

Marshall Plantz
City of Carlsbad project manager

General Information