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Traffic Operations

The Traffic Division strives to ensure that Carlsbad's transportation network is operating safely and efficiently. Traffic operations oversees the maintenance and improvement of the city's existing transportation infrastructure.

Traffic Operations Projects and Highlights

Flowers on the side of the road.The Traffic Division welcomes input, inquiries and requests from the public regarding traffic issues and seeks to address residents' concerns promptly and professionally. These communications are referred to as traffic requests.

Traffic requests may be initiated via email, phone call or letter.

If your neighborhood is experiencing traffic problems, such as cars speeding down residential streets or using them as shortcuts between major thoroughfares, the City of Carlsbad has a program to help.  To take advantage of the Carlsbad Residential Traffic Management Program follow these steps:

  •  Residents must write a letter or email to the Carlsbad Transportation Department describing the problem and saying why they want to include the street in the Carlsbad Residential Traffic Management Program.
  • If the street qualifies, the Transportation Department will work with residents and select the best combination of traffic management tools to reduce speeds and traffic volume and restore residents' high quality of life.  Keep in mind that this program is intended for residential streets which are streets with residential driveways and less than 40 feet wide.
  • Neighborhood residents must agree that there is a problem and they want the Transportation Department's help.  Cooperation, commitment and consensus are key components to the program's success.  Without those, the Transportation Department will not be able to assist.Residents studing traffic charts

The CRTMP takes a graduated, three-phase approach to help control speeding on residential street, beginning with less intrusive measures and work through a progression of steps to achieve the program's goals.

The first phase includes enforcement, education and signs.  If those don't solve the problem, we can consider residential stop signs, speed cushions and speed tables as second phase solutions.  If the second phase isn't effective, the third phase would feature traditional traffic calming features to narrow the roadway and slow traffic via hardscape improvements.

For more information, please contact Jim Murray at (760) 602-2734 or

Man placing traffic counting equipment in street.Traffic data is an important tool in evaluating the performance of the city's street network.  Transportation division staff collects vehicle volume data on a regular basis and is used, in conjunction with the Growth Management Plan's Annual Traffic Monitoring Program, to provide vital information residents, business owners, developers, engineers and planners. 

Staff Traffic Count Program
Current Growth Management Plan
Annual Traffic Monitoring Program

Proper signing and striping is essential in providing drivers with the information necessary to negotiate the city's roadways safely and efficiently. The city utilizes the standards and guidelines found in the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

  • California MUTCD - Signs
  • California MUTCD - Striping
  • Carlsbad Signing and Striping General Notes
  • Construction in the city can inconvenience residents and travelers. The Traffic Division reviews traffic control plans to balance the safety of construction workers with the need to minimize delays for drivers. 


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