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Community Forest Management Plan

Community forestThe city's Community Forest Management Plan is a document that describes guidelines and procedures for planting, maintaining, removing, replacing and preserving trees in the city's rights-of-way and other public places. The Community Forest Management Plan was recommended by a citizen committee and approved by City Council in 2000. The following provide links to the Community Forest Management Plan:

Table of Contents  
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Community Education
Chapter 3 Uniform Street Planting Map
Chapter 4 Replacement of Old Age Trees
Chapter 5 Removal of Trees Not in the City's Right-of-Way
Chapter 6 Tree Selection
Chapter 7 Heritage Trees
Chapter 8 Emergency Plan
Chapter 9 Hosp Grove
Chapter 10 Operation Plan
Appendix A Examples of Educational Brochures and Handouts
Appendix B Photograph Log of Approved Tree Species Within the Street Tree Assessment District Public Rights-of-Way
Appendix C Photograph Log of Recommended Tree Species for Hops Grove Replanting
Appendix D International Society of Arboriculture Tree Pruning Specifications

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