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Industrial and Commercial Storm Water Inspection Program

Every commercial and industrial business is prioritized to determine its potential threat to storm water quality. Businesses that receive a high threat priority rating, in accordance with the criteria established in the city’s Storm Water Protection Program are subject to inspection by city staff on an annual basis. The inspector will:

  • Review of the business' Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, if the site uses or is required to use such a plan
  • Review of facility monitoring data, if the site monitors its runoff
  • Check for coverage under the General Industrial Permit (Notice of Intent and/or Waste Discharge Identification No.), if applicable
  • Assess compliance with ordinances and permits related to urban runoff
  • Assess best management practices implementation, maintenance and effectiveness
  • Conduct visual observations for non-storm water discharges, potential illicit connections, and potential discharge of pollutants in storm water runoff
  • Evaluate education and training on storm water pollution prevention, as conditions warrant.

Businesses that receive a lower threat priority rating are not inspected annually, but may be inspected periodically or on a complaint basis.

For more information regarding the Industrial and Commercial Storm Water Inspection Program, call the Storm Water Hotline at 760-602-2799.