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Maps, Plats and Easements

The city requires a wide variety of mapping documents to create and merge lots, adjust property boundaries and to establish and extinguish public easements. The following is a brief list of mapping documents processed through the city: 

Final tract map: Used for the creation of five or more lots or condominium units.

Parcel map: Used for the creation of four or fewer lots or condominiums. In certain instances may be used in-lieu of a final tract map.

Certificate of Compliance: Used to certify that a particular lot or parcel has been created in compliance with city requirements.

Adjustment Plat: Used to adjust the boundary between lots or to merge four or fewer lots.

Easement: Used to dedicate defined property rights from the owner to another party for certain specified uses such as utilities, drainage facilities, streets, trail, open space, etc. Easements may also be dedicated via a final tract map or parcel map.

Quitclaim: Used to convey certain property rights from one party to another. Typically used by the city to extinguish water easement rights back to the underlying fee title owner of the property.

Vacation: Used to extinguish or abandon certain street right-of-way or service easement rights held by the city back to the underlying property owner(s).

For further information regarding the processing of mapping documents, call or visit the engineering counter during the normal visiting hours.

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