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Frequently Asked Questions

Spouse not paying the court ordered child support?

Had private representation in a marriage dissolution? Seeking a lawyer's advice to enforce child support payments? Consider contacting the County Office of Child Support Enforcement for assistance and advice, 619-236-7600 or statewide toll-free 1-866-230-CARE (2273).


Neighbor violating the CC&Rs?

CC&Rs are not enforced by the city unless the matter is also a violation of a city ordinance. Code Enforcement 760-602-2703 should be notified if there is reason to believe that a city ordinance is being violated. This situation, typically a private dispute, is between the homeowners and the HOA.


Bought a set of golf clubs through the mail from a business in the City of Carlsbad and haven't received them yet?

If an item is purchased through the mail and has not yet been received, notify the U.S. Post Office, Mail Fraud Division, P.O. Box 12210, San Diego, 92112.


Because the city attorney is prohibited from providing private legal advice to private citizens (CMC ยง2.14.140), the above situations (or similar sorts of situations) cannot be remedied through this office. However, other organizations in San Diego County may be helpful to residents in seeking legal representation and or answers to general legal questions.

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