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FPPC Requirements


Statements of Economic Interests (SEIs or Form 700s)  filed by the city's elected officials (Council Members, Treasurer, Clerk, City Manager, City Attorney and Planning Commission Members) are filed with the City Clerk's Office and can be obtained by visiting the office or can be found on the Fair Political Practices Commission website in an electronic format at the link below:

Mayor Matt Hall 
Mayor Pro Tem Mark Packard                                   
Council Member Lorraine Wood
Council Member Michael Schumacher          
Council Member Keith Blackburn
Planning Commissioners
Velyn Anderson                                       Vacant
Arthur Neil Black                                      Victoria Scully
Stephen "Hap" L'Heureux                        Jeff Segall
                                                                 Kerry Siekmann
City Treasurer Craig Lindholm
City Manager Steve Sarkozy



(AB 1509 - approved September 2012)

City of Carlsbad Resolution No. 2014-113 amending the City's Local Conflict of Interest Code
The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has revised its regulations concerning the circumstances in which payments made to a state or local agency that would otherwise be considered a “gift to a public official” are now reportable as “gifts to an agency.” 
In accordance with Section 18944.2 of the Fair Political Practices Act,  agencies must disclose such gifts to the agency, including monetary payments, loans, gifts or other transfers, provisions of goods or services, or other benefits to the agency within 30 days of their use by the official. 
 Donation in support of tuition for attendance to the Leadership North County Program

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 18944.1 of the Fair Political Practices Commission, ticket disclosure forms (Form 802) are posted on this website within 30 days after distribution of tickets.

  • (There are currently no filed disclosure forms.)

    Form 806 reports additional compensation officials receive when serving on committees, boards or commissions of a public agency, special district and joint powers agency or authority. (FPPC Regulation 18705.05, amended 3/2012.)