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City Financial Support for Schools

The City of Carlsbad partners in a variety of ways with the four school districts serving Carlsbad to support the common goals associated with an excellent quality of life in our community.






Computer Donation Program

(Finance Department)

The City of Carlsbad donates used computers to Carlsbad Unified School District and the Carlsbad Educational Foundation $200,000

Trail to Sage Creek High School

(Parks & Recreation)

The Lake Calavera South Trail Improvements project will provide an alternative transportation route for the area’s residents to use to travel from the Calavera Hills community to the future Sage Creek High School and surrounding area. $131,000


(Housing & Neighborhood Services)

The program uses engaging, hands-on activities to show how local government functions and demonstrate how students and their families can participate in their community. Funding is for part-time contract coordinator and supplies.


Community Arts Grants

(Library & Cultural Arts)

Matching grants are made available to all Carlsbad-located schools in amounts up to $1,200 each. CUSD schools make up 70% to 80% of grant recipients, with private schools and La Costa Canyon High School receiving the remainder. All grants are for in-school arts projects involving the students in various cultural experiences.


Grad Nite

(Housing & Neighborhood Services)

Established through Council Policy 61, local schools are eligible to receive funding for either direct cash assistance or in-kind city services.


Three-Part-Art Gallery Education Program

(Library & Cultural Arts)

This outreach program of the William D. Cannon Art Gallery introduces third- and fourth-graders from Carlsbad to the experience of interacting with and learning from original works of art within a museum setting. A curriculum guide sent to participating teachers, an on-site visit to the gallery to tour the exhibition, and a related hands-on arts activity make up the “three” parts. Volunteer parents provide the transportation. No charge to schools.


Three-Part-Art Gallery Education Program: Busing Opportunities for Title One schools

(Library & Cultural Arts)

For the two Title One schools in Carlsbad where parents are not available to drive the students to the gallery to participate in Three-Part-Art, free busing services are offered.


Carlsbad Music Festival: Educational Outreach Program

(Library & Cultural Arts)

Professional ensembles from the Carlsbad Music Festival are brought into middle or high school music classes for an exciting workshop that is part lecture, part demonstration, part performance. 


Community Activity Grants

(Housing & Neighborhood Services)

These grants provide funding for enrichment programs for the community and/or for physical or other neighborhood enhancements within Carlsbad.


Winning Teams Grants

(Housing & Neighborhood Services)

Provided to youth teams to offset the cost of travel expenses to national championship competitions.


Historic Preservation Commission 3rd Grade Art

(Library & Cultural Arts)

The third grade statewide curriculum incorporates the study of the local community. All schools within the City of Carlsbad are invited to submit winning artwork created by 3rd grade students of local historic sites after visits and tours of those historic locations. Winning entries are presented to Council and displayed at the Cole Library.


Juvenile Diversion/Juvenile Justice Panel


This program allows juvenile offenders to meet with a panel of their peers. Focuses on taking responsibility for actions and voluntarily participating in a diversion program in lieu of filing the case in juvenile court. Successful completion of the contract means there is no formal prosecution or record of a conviction for the crime.


Guide Program and Parent Project


The GUIDE program provides counseling for at risk juveniles and the Parent Project, a 10-session parenting skills program for parents with strong-willed, non-compliant and/or out of control children. Teaches parents concrete strategies in identification, prevention and intervention, with solutions to these problems. Offered in English and Spanish.


School Resource Officers


The city provides three officers and equipment for this program. This program covers all the schools in the City of Carlsbad.

School districts pay one half of the salary and benefits on a pro-rated basis (nine months of the school year). The amount listed is the city contribution only.


Crossing Guards


Contracted service covers approximately 20 locations in the City of Carlsbad.




$4,121 budgeted for direct overtime.  Program supervised by Community Services Division and other staff.


Maintenance of school sites

(Parks & Recreation)

The city pays for the maintenance of six school fields and one tennis court site (nine courts) at seven school locations within the city.



The city helps sponsor ArtSplash, a community celebration for arts education whose mission is to raise funds for art and music in North County schools.


City meeting facilities

Provide City Council chambers and meeting rooms free of charge for Carlsbad Unified School District board meetings.


Swimming pool time

(Parks & Recreation)

The city provides dedicated swimming pool time for the Carlsbad Unified School District. This amounts to six or more hours per day of pool use during the school year. The school district uses this time for physical education, water polo, swim team practices and competitions.


Storm Water Education Program

(Property & Environmental Services)

The city is required to provide storm water education to third grade students under the NPDES Municipal permit. This is provided through a contract with Solana Center to any school in Carlsbad.