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CityStuff Students

The City of Carlsbad operates as a democracy: every vote counts. Through CityStuff, students become informed citizens and residents of the community. Students learn about the structure of a city from the inside-out by:

    • Exploring the economic underpinnings of a community and finding out about City of Carlsbad facilities, programs and services
    • Meeting the city council members, city officials, and business people and then participating in a mock council meeting
    • Participating in role-plays to gain hands-on understanding of the economic impact of various city functions

CityStuff Lessons

photo of studentCityStuff consists of six one-hour lessons. After completing lesson six, students graduate and receive personalized graduation certificates signed by the Mayor and the volunteer. The Mayor, council members and other city officials visit as many classrooms as possible to hand out the certificates and congratulate the students. Learn what students are saying.

Contact Information

Volunteer Resources
Kathy Siemion

1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008