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CityStuff Teachers

Teachers in the City of Carlsbad rave about the CityStuff program.

photo of teacher with 3rd grade class learning the CityStuff program

 "I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that our replacement is amazing!!!  She (Shelley Lang) is wonderful with the children and has absolutely fabulous classroom management. Every student is engaged and having a blast." -- Calavera Hills Elementary teacher Renae Ringen

 "My third grade class was privileged to have Jim and Laurie Boone as our CityStuff volunteers this year. The Boone team went out of their way to share personal knowledge and heartfelt love for the City of Carlsbad. My class loved the Boones' teaching so much, they would ask everyday if they were coming again. I wanted to thank the Junior Achievement organization and our City Council for this fantastic program. It fills the holes in our curriculum, and gives the students such a sense of pride in their city. Thank you so much!! -- Magnolia Elementary teacher Bobbi Seelig

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