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EOC Organization

Carlsbad EOC is organized per NIMS/SEMS/ICSCarlsbad’s EOC is organized per National Incident Management System, California’s Standardized Emergency Management System, and Incident Command System guidelines.  Benefits of being organized this way include standardization and flexibility. Emergency incidents come in different sizes and types. The ICS flexible organization can be tailored to efficiently respond to the current incident. Large-scale incidents often demand resources from multiple response agencies. Standardized organizations facilitate mutual aid between response agencies.  

Functional areas  

The EOC organization typically includes five functional areas: 

  1. Management - Headed by the EOC Director, establishes incident response objectives and priorities and validates the information provided to residents, officials and the media.
  2. Planning - Develops the EOC incident response plan and documents incident response actions.
  3. Operations - Ensures resources are assigned and tasks are completed to achieve the incident response objectives.
  4. Logistics - Ensures necessary resources are available. 
  5. Finance - Accounts for costs, time and reimbursements.

Carlsbad’s EOC staff is divided into three shifts to sustain longer-term operations. Staff are identified by ICS position vests.    

Contact Information

Emergencies call 9-1-1

Fire Department
Emergency Preparedness
760-929-0256 fax

2560 Orion Way
Carlsbad, CA 92008