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The Engineering Divisions provide a wide variety of engineering services to the community.

Engineering Counter helping people

Land Development Engineering

Provides input for Building and Development applications; reviews and approves grading, storm water and improvement plans, maps, plats and easements; issues grading, right-of-way and haul route permits; and implements facility impact fee programs.

Utilities Engineering

Implement plans, designs and manages Utility projects; performs underground facility mark-outs; conducts special studies and investigations; and assists with water resource development.

Traffic Division

Reviews and resolves traffic and transportation issues, complaints, and inquiries; maintains records of collision reports, speed surveys, and traffic counts; and assists in maintaining optimum traffic signal operations and efficient traffic flow. 

Construction Management and Inspection

Performs construction management and inspection for capital improvement projects and private developments; ensures construction of high-quality public improvements; and minimizes inconvenience to the public while ensuring safe work sites.