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Incident Report Requests

The City of Carlsbad Fire Department will provide copies of any reports associated with a medical emergency or fire incident. All records (except billing records) can be obtain by contacting the Fire Administration office at 760-931-2141 or by visiting the Safety Center. Calling ahead of time, allows the staff ample time to prepare reports.

Fire incident reports

Fire Incident reports are public records and can be requested by the general public.

There is a $10 fee.

EMS reports

EMS (medical) reports are HIPAA protected and can only be released to the patient. Photo identification is required at records pick up.  

A signed release statement is required if records are to be given to a person other than the patient (i.e. spouse, attorney, or insurance company).

If the patient is a minor, the parent must show proof of custody along with photo identification.

If the patient is deceased, the requestor must have durable power of attorney for medical along with photo identification.

The fee for EMS reports is $10. If the request includes billing records, the fee is $15.Contact Critical Care Specialty Billing at 760-439-6585 for copies of billing records.

Contact Information

Emergencies dial 9-1-1

Fire Department
760-929-0256 fax

2560 Orion Way
Carlsbad, CA 92010

General Information

Administration Office
Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m