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Carlsbad City Library Facility Fee Schedule

Fees are based on hourly rates occurring during regular library hours with a two-hour minimum, no prorating. A $25 fee is charged for canceled bookings.

Applicant classifications*

Meeting room


Cleaning deposit


Carlsbad resident nonprofit (nonpaid management)





Carlsbad resident nonprofit (paid management)





Nonresident nonprofit





Residential, all others





Nonresident, all others




*There is a $25 no-show fee for renters in Category B.

All room and service fees are tripled if booking falls outside Library hours, this includes the technician fee for the Gowland Meeting Room and the Schulman Auditorium.

Room charge includes:

Gowland Meeting Room- (2) wireless microphones, laptop (upon request and availability), wireless PowerPoint presenter (upon request and availability), Wi-Fi, projector screen, podium, podium microphone, tables, chairs, (2) whiteboards, flipchart with pad, cable channel access, Kitchenette (sink, counter space, 2- microwaves, refrigerator with freezer, 24 cup coffee maker- must bring own coffee and fixings)

Schulman Auditorium- (4) wireless microphones (2- handheld, 2- LAV) not going through the mixer, podium, podium microphone, laptop (upon request and availability), wireless PowerPoint presenter (upon request and availability), computer hooked up to the Internet (no Wi-Fi or individual computer hook up to Internet in this space), CD player, tables, chairs, bar stools, piano (tuned quarterly), flipchart with pad, (3) music stands, (4) 4' X 4' X 2' platforms, preset stage lighting, cable channel access

Additional services**

DVD Player

Data/Video Projector & Use

Room Attendant, AV Tech

No Show fee for renters

Tech prices apply to all
applicant classifications



$20 per hour*


(B category only)

*An AV Technician is required for auditorium use. The Technician Fee will be charged for events from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. The Technician Fee will be tripled if booking falls outside Library hours. An AV Technician is required for meeting room use outside regular Library hours and will be charged at triple the regular rate.

**Additional charges may apply for special services. See the special services tab and then please contact the Media Services department for more information on video recording, additional audio, etc. and we will issue a quote specific to the reservation.

Those who would like the Library's Steinway piano tuned specifically for their event may elect to pay a $150 tuning fee. The Steinway piano is tuned quarterly and extra tunings are only scheduled at the renter’s request.

Advanced bookings are accepted as follows:

Carlsbad residents

Online booking period opens Sept. 1 to book for the Jan. 1 through June 30 period.
Online booking period opens April 1 to book for the July 1 through Dec. 31 period.


Online booking period opens Sept. 15 to book for the Jan.1 through June 30 period.
Online booking period opens April 15 for the July 1 through Dec. 31 period.

Each application will be reviewed by Library staff and classified into a group depending on the type of organization and the intended use. The classifications are listed in order of priority with classification "A" first, classification "B" second, etc. Library activities have first priority.

The Library staff will attempt to accommodate all groups. Because demand often exceeds availability, however, the following priority system has been established:

  1. Library and other city-sponsored activities
  2. Carlsbad resident, nonprofit (nonpaid management)
  3. Carlsbad resident, nonprofit (paid management)
  4. Nonresident, nonprofit
  5. Resident, all others 
  6. Nonresident, all others 

In order to qualify as classification "B" or "C" nonprofit user, the organization must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The organization must be registered as a nonprofit corporation with the state of California, or, if not registered with the state, must be a Carlsbad chapter and have a constitution or by-laws which clearly state that the objectives of the organization are of a nonprofit, noncommercial nature.
  • The organization must be made up of volunteers, and 70 percent of its membership and participants must be Carlsbad residents. Verification of residency may be required. Official membership list complete with city of residence addresses may be required with applications. Such lists shall be maintained by the Library staff and shall remain confidential.

Group "B, C" and "D", must also meet the following requirements to qualify as a nonprofit user:

  • If incorporated, submit state incorporation papers; if not incorporated, submit constitution.
  • Financial verification of organization's exemption from income tax. Department of the Treasury Form 990 or a 501(c)(3) determination letter may be used.
 Service  Price Per Hour


 One-Camera Production


Multi-Camera Production 

 Camera Operator $20.00
 Director  $20.00

 Lighting Technician

(charge is to set, then re-set the lighting if want changed from default)

 Graphics  $150.00
Video Editing  $150.00
DVD  $20.00 each


 Eight Microphone Set-up

(This is one or more mics/inputs/outputs going through the sound mixer)

 Eight-Channel ProTools Recording  $250.00
 CD Recording  $50.00
 Audio Editing/Sweetening  $150.00
CD $20.00 each

Service charges are hourly and will be charged to the entire reservation time.

Please contact the Media Services division for more information on video recording, additional audio, etc. and we will issue a quote specific to the reservation.

Contact Information

Carlsbad City Library
Media Services

1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92011

General Information

Facility and room rental hours:

  • Monday Thursday 9 a.m.  9 p.m.,
  • Friday Saturday 9 a.m.  5 p.m. 
  • Sunday 1 p.m.  5 p.m.