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Agua Hedionda Lagoon -- Fishing, Alcohol and Prohibited Uses

For more information, please reference the Carlsbad Municipal Code 11.24.


    • All California Fish and Game Laws must be observed and are enforced. An ocean (vs. freshwater) fishing license is required for anyone 16 years and older.
    • Fishing from the shoreline or from a passive vessel is limited to the passive use area(s).
    • Fishing from a power vessel is limited to the power use area(s).
    • It is unlawful to cast fishing lines into any vessel transit corridor or into the traffic pattern of boats and skiers.



Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise disturbing the peace shall be prohibited from engaging in recreational activities on the lagoon and could be subject to arrest.


Prohibited uses

The city reserves the right to limit the type of vessel and aquatic uses of the lagoon. The following are not allowed on the lagoon:

    • Parasails.
    • Hovercraft (except for official use).
    • High profile cabin cruisers.
    • Motorized surfboard-like vessels.
    • No aircraft shall land or takeoff from the water or public shoreline and public accesses.
    • No aquatic vessel races, ski meets, vessel parades or other aquatic special events are allowed except as authorized by a special events permit obtained pursuant to Chapter 8.17.
    • No permanent mooring of a vessel.
    • No swimming or wading except in conjunction with other permitted activities.

This section does not apply to the lagoon owner and/or its representative, the state, county, city or other political subdivision of the state.

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