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Frequently Asked Questions

Aquatics classes

Who are the classes for?

Everyone! Swim lessons are available for those age six months and up who desire to learn or improve their aquatic skills. The classes are organized according to skill level and age.

When are classes available?

Instructional classes are offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall. The classes are offered in a wide range of days and times to fit everyone’s needs. Please consult the Community Services Guide or online for current class schedules. Summer swim lesson sessions are Monday through Friday for two weeks and Saturdays for five weeks. Spring and Fall sessions are Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday/Sunday. Each session consists of 10, half-hour classes.

What is the registration process?

Registration may be done online. Following on-line registration, walk-in and phone-in registration will be taken. Classes must be paid for in full at time of registration. Please consult the Carlsbad Community Services Guide for specific information on how to register. Note: computers with Internet access are available to the public at city libraries.

Which class or class level is most appropriate?

The age level, prerequisite skills and class objectives for each class are listed in the brochure and online. Read through the class description to determine what levels of classes are appropriate. For questions, please consult a staff member. Factors considered in the selection process include age, previous lessons and skills that have been mastered. If in doubt call ahead and visit the Monroe Street Pool to have a staff member administer a qualifying test. If a child is under 5, parents must be prepared to go in the water.

For information about water temperature and chemicals...

The minimum water temperature is 80 degrees, with an average temperature of 82 degrees.

The chlorine level is kept between 1.5 and 2.0, with the pH level between 7.3 and 7.6. This is in accordance with the State Health and Safety Code. If eyes become irritated, do not rub them. Rinse with cool, clean water and avoid the use of eye drops which may dry the eye out. If eye irritation occurs, please let us know. The use of goggles is recommended for advanced classes (Preschool 3/Level 3 or higher).

What can be done when problems occur with class lessons?

If problems with lessons occur, please let us know. Please leave a note for the instructor at the front counter. The instructor will then contact call to discuss the problem. If the problem needs immediate attention, please consult the senior instructor/lifeguard or aquatic supervisor.

Is it possible to watch the lessons?

Yes, spectators may watch from the bleachers or picnic table area. If a child is distracted by a spectator's presence, the instructor may ask the spectator to move further away. Some children learn faster when parents are not present. Please let the instructors do their jobs without interruption. Also, please do not allow children to play in the bleacher area.

Where should students go the first day of class?

Come to the front office lobby so that staff can check participants for waivers that may need to be signed. After checking in with a staff member, go out to the bleacher area. Classes will meet in the bleachers. Please wait there until the instructor comes out to greet the class. Do not shower before the class starts.

What should students wear?

Bathing suits are required. No “cut-offs” or shorts are allowed. T-shirts may NOT be worn during lessons, as they can be a hazard. Bathing caps or ponytails are optional, but highly recommended. For parent-infant/tot lessons, swim diapers or plastic pants are required and available for purchase at the pool. 

Are there changing rooms and storage areas?

The locker rooms are available for changing and showering. Lockers are available if a swimmer brings his own lock and removes it daily. Bag check service is not available during lessons. Please leave valuables at home!

A note to parents: it is illegal for children age 7 and older to go through the opposite sex bathroom/locker room. One of the staff members will be able to help a child walk out to the pool deck.

What is the student/instructor ratio? Who are the volunteers and what do they do?

Volunteers can be a greater help to the instructor and help improve quality and safety. They must be 10 years of age or older and be able to perform the skills taught in our level 4 class.

The instructors to student ratios vary by the type of class. The parent-infant and parent-tot classes are one instructor for 12 parent-child pairs, preschool aquatics classes have one instructor for 5 students and learn-to-swim classes have one instructor for 8 to 10 students. PSA 1 and 2 classes need the parent available to go in the water. With PSA 2, the parent and the instructor will assess the value of the parent's continuing to get in the pool after the first few of classes.

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