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Frequently Asked Questions


I know that camp starts at 7:30am, but at what time do I have to have my child there?

Your child may arrive at camp anytime with the exception of field trip days.  You must arrive at least one half hour before the bus leaves so we may assign the children to their leaders. Typically the first hour is set aside for free time to let people slowly arrive.  You will want to have your child at camp as much of the time as you can as there is no pro-rating for time missed.

What if I am running late to pick up my child?

A late charge will apply after 6 p.m.   Every 15 minutes that you are late there will be a charge of $15. Please call camp staff and inform them of your late arrival so they may make arrangements.  If you are more than one hour late staff will contact the Police Department and your child will be transported to the Police Department (2560 Orion Way).

What is included in the camp when I register?

The registration fee will cover all activities scheduled during the week. It also includes two field trips.  A camp T-shirt must be worn during all field trips and may be purchased for $10. A light snack will also be provided.

What do I need to send with my child to camp?

A lunch is required for all days unless instructed. On field trips they may bring money if desired. Close toed shoes are suggested.    

Can I talk with my child while at camp?

Yes, simply call the location of the camp and ask to talk to a camp counselor and they will put you in touch with your child.  However this may not be possible on field trips. See Camp Director for details.

 What do I do if my child has allergies?

Please contact the Recreation Supervisor and inform him of the specific allergies so he may make accommodations. We want every child to feel comfortable and safe at camp.

Does my child need a backpack?

It is usually a good idea to have one for field trips, to hold lunches and other articles.

My child wants to bring electronic devices and or toys to camp, can they?

We do NOT encourage them to bring these items as they may become damaged, lost, or stolen. The City Of Carlsbad does not assume any responsibility for item brought to camp.

Is there a lost-and-found and where will it be?

The first place to check is at the camp site itself, then at the main office at the location, then contact the Recreation Supervisor.

Will my child be with kids their own age?

Yes all children will be put into groups with kids their own age. There will be times when all the groups come together for big activities.

Do I need an ID to pick up my child, and will I need to every day?

YES, an ID must be presented to pick up your child every day.  Due to the number of camp registrants we cannot remember each parent. It is for the safety of your child. 

What if I need someone else to pick them up?

When filling out the child’s medical release form, note on the card the name of the people that may pick up your child. Also, please inform the Camp Director at the beginning of camp.  You may want to remind them on the day that the other person will be picking up your child so there is no confusion.

Contact Information

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