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Frequently Asked Questions

Parks and Facilities Rentals

How do I reserve a picnic shelter or rent a facility?

Contact the appropriate location for the park or facility you are interested in reserving.  A facilities staff person will review the Facility Use Regulations with you, and answer any questions you have.  Complete a rental application and return with any applicable fees.   


Where can I find picnic and/or facility capacity information?

Contact the specific location.  Capacity information is also included in the Facility Use Regulations.


What are the insurance requirements for facility rentals?

Insurance is only required for rentals requesting alcohol and/or amplified sound.  Commercial general liability insurance naming the city of Carlsbad as an additional insured is required.  Coverage amounts are determined based on risk factors, such the size of the event.  Complete details are included in the Facility Use Regulations. A facilities staff member will review the insurance checklist with you at the time of application.


What fees can I expect to pay for picnic reservations or facility rentals?

All park and facility rentals will be charged for total hours used, including set-up and clean-up time.  Fees are calculated hourly; a minimum may apply.  Additional processing fees may be required for insurance, security and alcohol.  A refundable cleaning/damage deposit may be required, based on factors such as alcohol and size of event.  A complete list of fees is provided in the Facility Use Regulations.  A facilities staff member will review all applicable fees with you at the time of reservation.


How far in advance should I make a reservation for a picnic area?

Applications should be submitted at least 30 calendar days in advance of the date requested. Applications submitted less than 30 calendar days in advance may be reviewed and accommodated subject to facility and staffing availability, all other necessary approvals are obtained within the available time before the requested facility use date, and payment in full of all applicable fees.


Are inflatable jumps allowed in city parks?

Yes, with a permit.  Only companies on the approved jump vendor list will be allowed to operate party jumps in city parks.  Permit fees are $10 for Carlsbad residents, $20 for non-residents, and are charged as a flat-fee in addition to the rental fees.  Review the Facility Use Regulations for details. 


Is alcohol allowed in city parks?

Yes.  Rentals that include alcohol consumption may be subject to additional fees for insurance, security and cleaning/damages.  Review the Facility Use Regulations for details.  A facilities staff person will review any requirements with you at the time of application.


Do I need a permit to run an “outdoor fitness class” in a city park?

Yes.  Any commercial activity occurring in city parks or facilities is considered a rental and requires a business license, insurance and an approved rental application