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Trail Talk: Coastal Rail Trail

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An interview with the trail captain 

Proximity to the Village

Coastal Rail Trail

What's unique about this trail?

It's location: in the heart of Carlsbad Village, it's easily accessible from Village restaurants, businesses and shops. 

Carlsbad's Coastal Rail Trail (currently 0.7 mile in length) is actually only a section of a much longer trail that will eventually connect all the San Diego County coastal cities, from Camp Pendleton in the north all the way down to the Mexican border. Not all segments of the trail lie alongside the railroad; in some areas, the trail traverses city bike lanes and sidewalks as close to the railroad right of way as possible.

Trail traffic

Toddler traffic

Who uses this trail?

Because Carlsbad's Coastal Rail Trail runs along the length of town, people frequently use this trail to get from one end of the Village to the other. It's entire length is paved and flat, so roller bladers, skateboarders and bicyclers frequent this trail. Parents often take their kids here to teach them how to ride bikes (the trail is fenced along its entire length and is free from car traffic). The Coastal Rail Trail has a protected, community atmosphere that's perfect for people of all ages.

Dog amenities

Trail flowers

What do you especially like about this trail?

Leashed dogs are allowed here, and everyone's well behaved. So I frequently take my dogs running along this trail. It's wonderful that the city placed a water fountain (midpoint along the trail, near the Chestnut Street trailhead) that's designed for tall people, little people and our four-footed friends to use.

I also really appreciate the xeriscapes that flank the trail. I've even borrowed ideas from this trail for landscaping our yard at home.

Waste disposal

As a trail captain, how do you help maintain this trail?

I walk the trail, picking up litter and alerting the city of any issues.

How can everyone help maintain this trail?

Dog waste bags and trash/recycling bins are positioned all along the trail. Please use them.  

Contact Information

Trail captain: Gerri Santiago
Gerri has lived in coastal Carlsbad for over 10 years.
Parks & Recreation
Liz Ketabian, Park Planner

799 Pine Ave., Suite 200
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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