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Lake Calavera Preserve Fencing Project

Fencing at Lake Calavera Preserve

In early 2012, the city embarked on a project to install fencing within the Lake Calavera Preserve. The fence locations were determined in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Game, based on the Lake Calavera Trails Master Plan and the 2012-2016 Preserve Management Plan. 


Objectives of the fencing project 

  • Delineate and protect habitat restoration areas
  • Direct the public onto the approved trail system
  • Block off unsustainable trails (trails that undergo constant erosion and degradation due to slope and soil type)
  • Protect native plants, animals and their habitat
    Click to enlarge map of fence locations

    From time to time, additional sections of fencing may be installed to ensure protection of the sensitive habitat around Lake Calavera.