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Trail counts and surveys, 2011

A key tool for assisting in the development of a trails program is to conduct trail counts and surveys to evaluate current trail use in a community and to help determine anticipated needs of trail users.  In September 2011, Carlsbad conducted its first Trail Count, followed by an in depth trails survey in October.  The data from the trail count and the survey will serve as a benchmark for evaluating the current status of the trails program and for future development of the trails program in Carlsbad.


Trail counters documented the number and types of users (pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers) at various times of day and days of the week. The count included a range of trail types such as open space trails, circulation element trails (unpaved trails along the roadways) and the Coastal Rail Trail. Trails in the count this year included: Coastal Rail Trail, The Crossings, Veteran’s Park, Bressi Ranch, La Costa Glen, Carlsbad Oaks North Business Park and Lake Calavera (conducted in Feb. 2011).

Summary of trail count findings

  • The Coastal Rail Trail had the heaviest traffic in general including the greatest number of bikers.
  • The Lake Calavera Preserve trails had the heaviest trail use of the open space trails in this year’s count.

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The trails survey was made available online at the city’s website.  Postcards and posters were distributed at Carlsbad libraries, community centers and via the city’s volunteer database inviting the public to take the survey. A total of 162 surveys were received.

Summary of trails survey findings

  • 86% of respondents used trails near their neighborhood.
  • The top reason for using trails was for transportation or getting to a destination. Walking the dog was the second top ranking reason for trail use.
  • The top destination for travel by trail is a city park (38%) or beach (32%).
  • 59% of trail users answering the survey were female.
  • The age range for 98% of respondents was between 30-69 years old.

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