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Trail Talk: The Crossings and Veterans Park

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An interview with the trail captains 

The Crossings adjacent to trail

Wylie the coyote

What's unique about this trail? 

The city has done a great job of integrating the golf course with the surrounding habitat. Protected habitat surrounds most of the golf course holes. A tunnel (providing safe passage under Faraday Avenue, near the golf course's 12th hole) demarcates the boundary between two distinct habitats: a riparian system surrounding the golf course and the upland habitat found in Veterans Park.


View from a hillside bench

What do you especially like about this trail?   

This is a nature lover's trail, with a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Lots of critters call this area home: rabbits; squirrels; a pack of coyotes; and birds of prey (hawks, kestrels and ospreys) as well as the titmouse, scrub jays, hummingbirds, quail and roadrunners. It's so quiet and serene that you can hear birdsongs and the alert calls of squirrels.

These trails not only provide ample opportunity for bird watching but also showcase one of the best panoramic views of Carlsbad. From a hillside park bench, you can sit and view the Agua Hedionda Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Here you can spot the various water birds, egrets and herons.

Couple walking a dog

Who uses this trail?   

A lot of people walk and jog these trails. Those who work in the surrounding business areas like to take a break and squeeze in some exercise. The hilly terrain can really get the heart rate going! Bikers also love the challenge of the terrain here. We'll often see people walking their dogs. Others find quiet relaxation in a hillside family picnic.

Pet waste dispenser

As trail captains, how do you help maintain this trail?   

We take pride in helping to maintain this trail so that other people can enjoy their surroundings. So once a week, we hike the trails looking for litter, checking the trash cans and reporting anything that seems amiss, like damage due to erosion. We'll load the kiosks with flyers and maps and information.

How can everyone help maintain this trail? 

Please keep your dogs on leash -- it's the law, and there are rattlesnakes in the area. Please also clean up after your pets, and tote your litter to the nearest trash can.

Trailhead kiosk

Contact Information

Trail captains: Mary & Richard James
Mary and Richard have lived in coastal Carlsbad for over 40 and 60 years, respectively.
Parks & Recreation
Liz Ketabian, Park Planner

799 Pine Ave., Suite 200
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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