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Civilian of the Year

Communication Operator Kari Pavlenko

Kari exemplifies the best in public safety dispatching.  She excels at working critical and high stress incidents.  This year, Kari handled several high priority incidents where she was the voice of calm and professionalism.   Kari has demonstrated a consistent keenness for the safety of officers and citizens alike.   Some of the highlights of her work included violent DV calls where weapons were present, and victims were seriously injured.  Kari was also working the radio when an officer broadcast that he had “one at gun point” at Poinsettia Park.  Kari most recently handled the armed robbery that occurred at Macy’s on December 11.  During all of these stressful incidents, Kari remained calm, poised, and in control on the radio.  Kari proactively anticipated the needs of the officers and assisted in the assignment and coordination of deployed units to the scene. 

Kari is COMMITTED – Kari is an outstanding dispatcher, a SWAT dispatcher, a member of PEER support, and an outstanding dispatch trainer.

Kari is CHEERFUL  in her demeanor – she always sees the bright side of situations and the best in everyone.

Kari is an ACHIEVER, always reaching to be and do her best.

Kari is ENTHUSIASTIC about her job, her co-workers and her life.

Kari attended the 2013 San Diego Regional Explorer Academy representing the Carlsbad Police Department as an Explorer Advisor and was the recipient of the “Olivia Castellanos Spirit Award.” This very special award is given to the advisor at the academy that exemplifies hard work, dedication, a positive attitude and a fervent passion to mentor the Explorers. Kari has been an Explorer Advisor for eight years and has attended the Explorer Academy each year. She currently sits on the San Diego County Law Enforcement Explorer Academy Board as the Secretary.  Kari has taught communication/radio classes to the Explorers throughout the years and takes an active role in mentoring and leading these young individuals that hope to one day hold a career in law enforcement.

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