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Police Officer of the Year

Officer Adam Young

During 2013 Officer Adam Young was assigned to the Regional Academy as a Training Officer.  In that role he was a leader to recruits as well as to officers from other agencies.  Sergeant Wong (SDPD) called him an “excellent role model,” hard worker, and huge asset to the team.  Officer Young was also a SWAT sniper and firearms instructor.  Sergeant Boyd noted that in these capacities he “Has done an outstanding job preparing and conducting training.”  Officer Young returned to patrol in October to the E2 squad and assumed his responsibilities as a squad leader and Field Training Officer.  As an FTO he teaches in a manner that inspires trainees to think from different perspectives.  Officer Young is a proactive officer, catching a gang member who had just stabbed a rival gang member at the mall. 

Officer Young is an exceptional TRAINER.  He was a Regional Training Officer at the Academy where he wore many hats.  The training he provided included leading, teaching, supporting, coaching and disciplining.  He is also a trainer as it relates to SWAT training, conducting training for the rest of the SWAT team.  Officer Young is also a Field Training Officer in patrol.

Officer Young shows COMMITMENT.  He is committed to developing new police officers.  At the Academy he was committed to helping recruits pass.  He worked with those who were having difficulty individually and provided extra firearms training.  Officer Young is committed to officer safety as a SWAT sniper and firearms instructor.  He chose to work the E2 schedule to continue working with new employees. 

Officer Young treats others with RESPECT.  He treats his trainees, co-workers, supervisors, victims and suspects alike with dignity and compassion.

Officer Young epitomizes the department’s Mission, Vision, and Values.  He lives his life, both on and off duty, with the highest level of integrity; always doing what is right even when confronted with adversity.  His level of professionalism is unmatched as he remains calm and judicious at all times.  Officer Young demonstrated valor when he had the courage to chase and arrest a stabbing suspect.  Officer Young embodies every one of our department values; Commitment, Honesty, Respect, Accountability and Compassion.  Finally, Officer Young embraces the future of this department by training our new and current officers to keep them and the Carlsbad community safe.

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