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Station Volunteer of the Year

Senior Volunteer Betty Fitzpatrick

Earlier this year, Betty Fitzpatrick volunteered for a daunting task:  criminal database entry.  Since attending the training put on by the San Diego Police Department, Betty has entered literally thousands of pieces of documentation.  Betty’s countless hours of dedication are only part of her amazing accomplishment.  Her innovation and ability to collaborate led to the improvement of a data entry sheet investigators complete in order to classify the data pouring in from all areas of the department.  Had it not been for Betty and her “accomplices”, this important tool would have gone on neglected as in years past. 

Betty’s ENTHUSIASM has had real results, putting criminals behind bars and keeping the streets of Carlsbad safer every day.

Betty is TENACIOUS.  She shows up every week and plows through her work product faster than it can get to her!

Betty is a RELIABLE MULTI-TASKER.  Without fail she can be found dutifully handling her tasks without neglecting her other duties.

Betty is INNOVATIVE.  Her organizational skills improved upon a method that allowed for a lot of information to be more easily digested in a shorter amount of time.

Every time Betty assists in documenting a criminal, she protects and serves the community in a real way.  Her actions are noble as she assumed this role completely voluntarily.  She is dedicated to her work and trustworthy with her assigned tasks.  Betty continues her patrol work and other traditional duties, while embracing this exciting and new challenge.

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