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Crime Victims Information

The following information answers how to get a copy of the police report; explains the investigation process; discusses the steps law enforcement takes in recovering stolen vehicles and other property; and offers victim referral services.

The Records Division maintains all official reports of the Police Department.

To obtain a copy of a specific report call 760-931-2119.

Having the case number will assist in locating the report faster. It usually takes between one and three days for a crime or arrest report to be processed, and up to 7 to 10 days for a traffic collision report.

There is a $10 per report charge for reports. However, the victim of a crime is entitled to one copy of the report at no charge. All other types of reports are subject to release under the California Public Records Act. The Records Division can answer any questions about what information can be released; call the Records Division at 760-931-2119 for more information.


Crime Victim Survey - In order to continually improve on service to the community, the department seeks feedback from victims of crime.  If you have reported a crime in the City of Carlsbad, please take a few minutes to evaluate your recent contact with our personnel.

After the initial investigation by a patrol officer, case screening utilizes pre-determined solvability factors such as the presence of witnesses or physical evidence to help decide whether further investigation is justified.  The case may be assigned to a detective for additional investigation if sufficient evidence and information are present. If the case is not assigned to a detective, the report will be kept on file as a resource for similar crimes in the future.

To find out the status of a case, or if a case has been assigned to a detective, call General Investigations at 760-931-2145.

Items stolen in the commission of a crime are documented by the responding officer in the crime report.  If the list of stolen items is extensive, or the loss is not immediately clear, an officer may leave a stolen property form with a victim to fill out and submit when completed.  It is important to capture as much detail as possible when describing stolen items.  Make, color, model number and serial number are some of the details that help identify stolen property and return it to its rightful owner.

Stolen property is entered into a countywide database, and serialized property is also entered into a national database.  Law enforcement uses this information to determine whether property found with suspicious individuals is, in fact, stolen.  It is also used to identify trends in property theft.

The Police Department enters stolen vehicle information into state and national computer databases, which tells law enforcement the vehicle was stolen. In most cases, law enforcement agencies notify the owner of stolen vehicle by telephone within 48 hours of recovery of the vehicle.

For questions about the status of a stolen vehicle, contact the 24-hour communications center at 760-931-2197.

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