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The City of Carlsbad's Environmental Guiding Principles call for the city to support efforts to reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions and find new and more energy efficient methods for delivering services.  The guiding principles also call for enabling the community to design energy saving features such as solar energy systems into public and private projects.  Click on the tabs below to learn more about the following topics: 

  • City projects:  what the city is doing to reduce its energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy efficiency: programs that offer rebates and incentives to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners for energy efficiency projects like window replacement, insulation, and lighting retrofits.
  • Renewable energy: how residential, commercial, and industrial property owners can get rebates, incentives, and financing for installing renewable energy projects like solar photovoltaics and solar thermal water heating.
  • Electric vehicles:  learn about rebates and incentives to purchasing an electric vehicle, where charging stations are located in the area, and how to install your own charging station at your home or business.

Energy Roadmap

The city is working with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) in the preparation of an Energy Roadmap.  The free program, offered by SANDAG and sponsored by SDG&E, provides local jurisdictions with evaluations of their facility and fleet energy consumption and possible conservation measures.

Street light replacement

In 2010 and 2011, the city replaced the high-pressure sodium street lights with energy-saving, high efficiency induction lamps.  The new lamps use 60 percent less energy and save city taxpayers as estimated $300,000 a year in energy and maintenance costs.

Maerkle hydroelectric project

The city's Public Works - Utilities division is working on a project to install a hydroelectric generating facility at Maerkle Reservoir.

Other city programs

  • Reducing car emissions through a no idling policy in the Police Department.
  • Using hybrid vehicles for 15 percent of the city’s fleet.
  • Supporting the development of building standards that enable the community to design energy saving features such as solar energy systems into both public and private buildings. 
  • Installing photovoltaic solar panels at Alga Norte Community Park

Energy Upgrade California 

Energy Upgrade California is a program of the California Public Utilities Commission, in collaboration with the California Energy Commission, California counties, cities, nonprofit organizations, and the state’s investor-owned utilities, that provides incentives for home improvement projects that lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home healthier and more comfortable.

Home Energy Ratings

A Home Energy Rating provides you with a report that describes how your home is using  energy, a score that compare your home’s energy performance to other homes with ratings and provides recommendations for energy saving upgrades. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs

Property owners within Carlsbad are eligible to participate in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs.  PACE programs allow the financing of renewable energy, energy efficiency or water conservation projects through a voluntary assessment on their tax bill. The California FIRST and Figtree PACE programs are available for commercial/industrial property owners and the California HERO program is available for both residential and commercial/industrial property owners.

All properties

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) is a solar rebate program that can help lower energy costs and create a sustainable energy future through the use of solar technology.  The program has two components: photovoltaic solar panels and thermal solar water heating.

Commercial and industrial properties

The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides financial incentives to commercial and industrial property owners for the installation of distributed generation technologies installed on the customer's side of the utility meter.

All commercial and industrial property owners within Carlsbad are eligible to participate Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs, which allow the financing of renewable energy, energy efficiency or water conservation projects through a voluntary assessment on their tax bill.  The three programs available in Carlsbad are California FIRSTCalifornia HERO and Figtree PACE.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) provides rebates of up to $2,500 for the purchase or lease of a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV), including electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles. The program is available to individuals, non-profit organizations, government entities and business owners.

Electric vehicle charging locations

A map of publicly-available electric vehicle charging locations in San Diego County.

The EV Project

Using a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, The EV Project is deploying electric vehicle chargers in major cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States, including San Diego County, and studying their usage in order to enable streamlined deployment of the next generation of electric vehicles.

San Diego Regional Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Working Group

Funded by grants from the U.S Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, the primary focus of the the San Diego Regional Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Working Group (REVI) is to develop a regional plug-in electric readiness plan that identifies, reduces, and resolves barriers to the widespread deployment of private and public electric vehicle charging stations in the San Diego region.

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