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Sustainable City

The goal of the city’s sustainability efforts is to provide a high quality of life for generations to come by striking a long-term balance between the social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to a sustainable community.  The City Council has adopted Sustainability Guiding Principles and Environmental Guiding Principles that articulate the framework for a sustainable community.

The Community Vision, adopted in 2010, calls for the city to build on existing sustainability initiatives to emerge as a leader in green development and sustainability.  Read the Envision Carlsbad working paper on sustainability.  

Working in partnership with the community, the city has implemented several cost-effective, efficient programs.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the City of Carlsbad and sustainability, please visit the FAQ page.

Sustainability - It's about you

The City of Carlsbad's sustainability efforts consider social, economic and environmental factors that support a high quality of life for Carlsbad residents.