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Shooting star - a native annual

Welcome to the HMP document archive

Click on the tabs below to find downloadable pdfs containing information about the Habitat Managment Plan and open space preserves in the City of Carlsbad. Here you will find regulatory documents, guidelines to help navigate the regulatory process, annual reports for individual preserves and the HMP preserve system as a whole, preserve-specific work plans and preserve management plans, and educational material. 

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Regulatory documents

Note: some of these files are very large and may take some time to download.


HMP guidelines


HMP annual reports

Habitat Management Plan annual reports include information about habitat gains and losses in the preserve system, a summary of management and monitoring activities conducted during the reporting year, compliance with the Habitat Management Plan and Multiple Species Conservation Plan requirements, a preserve-by preserve status summary, and a financial summary. Every three years, the report will also include a summary and analysis of covered species monitoring data collected during the past three years. Click here for a list of reports, annual meeting summaries and meeting presentations, which can all be downloaded.



Preserve management plans

A preserve management plan contains a description of the preserve, including a list of sensitive plants and animals on-site, a map of the vegetation communities which serve as habitat for native species, a description of threats to the preserve, and a plan outlining the steps that will be taken to protect the natural resources on the preserve. Below is a list of past and current preserve management plans for actively managed natural open space preserves in the City of Carlsbad.


             Calavera Hills/Robertson Ranch

Cantarini Ranch 

Carlsbad Oaks North                            Carlsbad Raceway                            City Preserves Emerald Pointe

Fairfield Inn

    Fair Oaks Valley

     Fox Miller 

     Kelly/JRM - Palomar Fitness 

    Kelly Ranch

    La Costa Collection

        La Costa Glen Uplands

            Manzanita Partners 

            Muroya North County Habitat Bank/
            Encinas Creek

            Poinsettia Place

            Quarry Creek Reclamation Rancho La Costa




            Annual work plans

            Annual work plans are prepared by land managers as a way of prioritizing management activities for the upcoming year. Management and monitoring tasks within the annual work plans are consistent with the most current preserve management plan, and prioritization of these tasks is based, in part,  on the results of the previous year's annual report. Below is a list of past and current annual work plans for actively managed preserves.

                           Calavera Hills II/
            Robertson Ranch East                       
            Carlsbad Oaks North Kelly Ranch
            North County Habitat Bank/
            Encinas Creek
            Rancho La Costa Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve

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            Contact Information

            Mike Grim
            HMP coordinator
            Senior planner

            Rosanne Humphrey
            Preserve steward