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2009 Annual Public Meeting for the Carlsbad HMP

hikeThe second Annual Public Meeting for the Carlsbad HMP was held on April 25, 2009 at the Discovery Center, adjacent to Agua Hedionda Lagoon, in Carlsbad. The purpose of the public meeting was to review the first four years of HMP implementation (covered in greater detail in the 2009 Annual Report); to bring together the public, City of Carlsbad, wildlife agencies, preserve managers, and local organizations; to give everyone the opportunity to discuss the status of the preserve system and HMP implementation; and to educate the public about management and monitoring of the native plants, animals, and habitats within the city.

hike leaderThe day started out with an introduction to some of the native plants in the native plant garden at the Discovery Center and a hike into the Agua Hedionda Ecological Reserve, which is owned and managed by the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). The hike was led by Rosanne Humphrey (HMP Preserve Steward) and Christine Beck (CDFG). Participants learned about the plants and animals on the reserve, and all about the difficulties of managing invasive plant species, providing compatible public recreational opportunities, and habitat restoration.

presentationThe hike was followed by a short reception which allowed participants to wander among the exhibits and meet one another. The exhibits included  maps and information presented by the wildlife agencies, preserve managers, and local conservation organizations.  Next on the agenda were presentations given by Mike Grim (City of Carlsbad) and Markus Spiegelberg, which included an overview of the Multiple Habitat Conservation Plan (MHCP), Habitat Management Plan (HMP), a summary of acreage gains and losses within the preserve planning area, current status of selected species in the preserve system, and priorities for the coming year. Members of the public were then given an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. A copy of the presentations can be downloaded here: city's presentation and CNLM's presentation.