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This page contains several maps of the preserve system in pdf format for convenient downloading. Click on the thumbnail image or on the text link to download the map.

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1. HMP preserve system assembly

Compare the baseline condition (when HMP was approved) to current condition to see the progress of preserve system assembly. Dark green areas (hardline) are permanently preserved; light green were pre-negotiated, but not currently preserved; orange (softline) are undeveloped Standards Areas. 

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2. Baseline condition of vegetation communities within the HMP preserve

This map is based on the regional vegetation data that was used for the MHCP, provided by SANDAG (2003). It has not been ground-truthed or revised to show recent development. [1.1 MB]


Preserve ownership and management responsibility




3. Ownership of individual HMP preserves

This map shows the individual preserves in the city and their respective landowners. The landowner is responsible for all monitoring and management activities. Ownership of a preserve can occur through transfer of fee title, a conservation easement, or other mechanism. Click here for information about individual preserves


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4. Habitat linkages, core areas, and
    wildlife undercrossings

The preserve system incorporates large blocks of habitat, habitat linkages, and wildlife crossings to provide breeding and foraging habitat, and a means of moving from one area to another. This map shows the core and linkage areas that were developed for the City during the MHCP planning process, which serve as the basis for the current HMP Preserve design. [312 kb]


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5. Management units

Management units are groupings of semi-contiguous areas that would be most effectively managed if treated as a single unit. For example, groupings were made of parcels within and surrounding each of the lagoons, as well as larger areas of upland habitat and nearby parcels. A total of 11 Management Units have been identified. [376 kb]


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6. Coastal California gnatcatcher
    core area contributions

As part of the HMP permit obligations defined by the wildlife agencies, the City of Carlsbad is required to contribute to the acquisition and management of a large area of coastal sage scrub just outside of the city limits in unincorporated county land south east of the city. This map shows Carlsbad's contributions to date, all of which are managed in perpetuity by the Center for Natural Lands Management (CNLM). [223 kb]

Contact Information

Mike Grim
HMP coordinator
Senior planner

Rosanne Humphrey
Preserve steward