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Calavera Hills area

Preserve name: Calavera Hills area

Map of Calavera Hills area

Preserve managers:

City Lake Calavera Preserve - Center for Natural Lands Management
Calavera Hills Phase II/Robertson Ranch E: Center for Natural Lands Management
Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve: California Department of Fish and Game
Calavera Hills Phase I: HOA-owned and managed

Preserve management plans:

City lands (Lake Calavera Preserve) CNLM 2011; Calavera Hills II/Robertson Ranch CNLM 2002

Major threats (top 3): Unauthorized human use, invasive non-native plants, altered fire regime

Current/ongoing management activities: Grassland assessments, thread-leaved brodiaea research, coastal sage scrub monitoring, gnatcatcher and bird surveys, patrolling/enforcement, habitat restoration and nonnative plant removal

Contact Information

CIty Lake Calavera Preserve:
Kyle Lancaster (City)

Markus Spiegelberg (CNLM)

Calavera Hills II/Robertson Ranch:
Patrick McConnell

Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Preserve:
Warren Wong (CDFG)