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Motor Oil

Motor oil and filters are hazardous waste types that can be recycled. It is important to properly dispose of used motor oil and filters to ensure it stays out of landfills.  Used motor oil and filters may be taken to a certified used oil collection center for recycling.

Disposal Options

Certified collection centers

Certified collection centers are businesses that will accept uncontaminated used oil and filters from residents for placement into the recycling chain. The center will pay a recycling fee of four cents per quart upon request.

    2545 El Camino Real

    Jiffy Lube
    6021 Paseo del Norte

The City of Carlsbad offers Household Hazardous Waste Programs as an alternative way to properly dispose of used motor oil and filters.

Used motor oil recycling tips 
  • When draining used motor oil, use a reusable 5-gallon or smaller size clean plastic container with a tight lid.
  • Remove the oil filter from the car and drain it well for at least 24 hours - once it is drained, place it in a plastic bag. 
  • Reuse the used-motor oil container and store it safely away from children and pets.
  • Don't mix used motor oil with chemicals, gasoline, water, or other substances.
  • Once the items are secure, transport them to a certified used oil recycling center.

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