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Oversized Vehicle Ordinance

Oversized vehicle may not park on City of Carlsbad streets between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. unless they have one of the following permits:

  • Yearly Residential Permit: City of Carlsbad residents who own an RV can apply for a yearly free permit to park their vehicle on a public street at their residence for up to 72 hours, four times within each month. Users are required to park within 400 feet of the residence and display a valid city issued Oversized Vehicle Permit.
  • Temporary 72 Hour Guest Permit: Carlsbad residents can apply for a temporary permit for their guests. This free permit would allow residents to have guests with an RV park at their residence for up to 72 hours, six times a year (with a minimum of 24 hours in-between visits).
  • Commercial Property Permit: Hotels and motels can allow guests to park RVs next to these inns on public streets if the RV cannot be accommodated in the property‚Äôs parking lot. The city will issue each hotel and motel reusable permits that they can give to their guests.

RV and oversized vehicle users in violation of the ordinance will be cited by the City of Carlsbad Police Department. The penalty assessment for a citation is $50.

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